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Are you looking for a solution to help you practise your clinical consultation and communication skills to pass PACES 1st time?

Look no further. Our interactive patient scenarios enable you to perfect your skills.

Buy 40 cases 28 consultation cases and 12 communication cases. Practise each case twice or purchase an extra attempt on each case to really hone your skills. 

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    OnExam's new AI-powered tool:

    • Costs a fraction of the price of revision courses
    • Let's you practise when you want, where you want
    • Puts you in the driving seat of your preparation
    • Provides practice for stations 1, 2, 4 & 5
    • Offers detailed feedback on each attempt
    • Includes an examiner debrief for every clinical case

    The key to your PACES exam success

    AI simulated patients allow you to revise for your PACES exam in the comfort of your own home to make sure your knowledge & skills are up to scratch and ensure you feel confident on exam day.


    Are patient simulation scenarios, attempt more for better preparation.


    An attempt is the number of times you can practise each patient case.


    Much cheaper than face-to-face courses and access to more cases.


    Practice at home at your own pace before exam day and repeat at your leisure.

    Practise difficult clinical consultations and patient communication scenarios with the simulated patient, then explain your approach to our simulated examiner, just like the actual exam. Then review the transcript and detailed marking plan to find out what you did well and where you need to improve.

    Created and tested by experts in the PACES examination, our tool simulates the consultation and communications stations of the Royal College of Physicians' PACES exam using the power of generative AI.

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