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  • 900+ DCH exam revision questions
  • Core Questions focus you on the most relevant topics
  • Our Offline App lets you revise anywhere, anytime
  • Revision prompts encourage you to revise every day 
  • Personalised Daily Question delivered at a time to suit you
  • Detailed analysis and feedback in your Learning Journal
  • Peer comparison keeps you on track
  • Social Learning features let you revise with other users

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  • Written by expert Child Health clinicians
  • 807 'best of five' questions
  • 126 'extended matching' questions
  • Created around topic areas most likely to come up in your exam
  • Detailed clinical scenarios
  • Answer explanations that improve your clinical understanding
  • Themes from previous exams
  • Questions mapped to the DCH curriculum
  • Exam specific revision advice

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Our extensive bank of exam format revision questions has been written by experienced paediatricians, providing you with a fully relevant revision resource, matched to the DCH exam syllabus.

To get the most out of your exam preparation, our DCH revision resource offers you a comprehensive range of learning tools which have been specifically designed to test your knowledge and improve your exam aptitude.

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