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  • 300+ DRCOG exam revision questions
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  • Our Offline App lets you revise anywhere, anytime
  • Revision prompts encourage you to revise every day 
  • Personalised Daily Question delivered at a time to suit you
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  • Over 315 Single Best Answer (1 from 5) questions
  • More than 40 Extended Matching Questions
  • Questions based on themes from previous exam sittings
  • Content mapped to the current RCOG curriculum
  • Green Top Guideline learning points
  • Detailed clinical scenarios
  • Answer explanations that teach and improve your clinical understanding

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Our DRCOG questions are developed by our team of experienced Obstetric and Gynaecology clinicians. Their expertise and knowledge of the content needed for DRCOG exam success ensure questions are as close as possible to those you will see in your exam.

BMJ OnExamination has been writing medical exam revision questions for the past twenty years. The robust editorial process ensures our questions are of the best quality and relevance to the DRCOG exam. Together with exclusive revision features, we help you to maximise your time and to focus on the highest value questions.

With our Single Best Answer questions and Extended Matching Questions, you can prepare effectively for your DRCOG qualification.

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