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Our extensive author network ensures our resources are of the highest quality and relevance. They include recent exam themes, are aligned to your curriculum,and are written at the correct difficulty level.

We have helped over 210,000 doctors with their medical revision. The fact that the majority of our business comes from recommendations, is testament to the quality and relevance of our resources.

As the leading provider of online medical revision, we help people both in the UK and overseas market prepare for their medical exams. On average over 8,000 BMJ OnExamination questions are answered every hour across the world. We have the capacity to handle this amount of activity and number of customers; we are proud to say that our website’s uptime is at 99.9%.

As well as being a leading provider of examination preparation products, we have a solid background in both theoretical and applied medical education research.

Recent papers published:

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Successful projects delivered:

Camden Cancer Programme

London Cancer has been commissioned by Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to deliver an educational programme throughout the borough. The professional development work stream of the project will focus on creating a bespoke GP education package specific to Camden.