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  • High Impact Questions

    Maximise your revision time. High Impact Questions instantly delivers you the most important questions, ranked by our clinical tutors and your peers.

High Impact Questions

With Dr Matt Morgan

Maximise your revision time

Our algorithm prioritises relevant questions by these ranking factors:

  • Social

    We're constantly updating our services based on recommendations from users. We listen to and apply user feedback to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality resource.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Learn from the best. Our team includes past examiners, field specialists and clinical authors; experienced in exam formats and the current expectations of what you will be tested on and why.

  • Exam Intelligence

    Access the most relevant revision topics. We analyse published reports from the examination boards and incorporate the most up to date and important information; format, curriculum and pass rates.

  • Behavioural

    Questions are selected based on user interaction and successful revision patterns. Our resource provides you with the highest quality questions.

  • Daily Notifications

    Keep on track. Set a time that suits you, we will send you a personalised revision question every day.

  • Choose Questions

    Set your own filters to revise questions by topic, type, difficulty and keywords.

  • Mobile App

    Revise on your commute, in between patients or whenever suits you best with our popular App. Practice questions offline, your scores are synced back to your account when you’re next online.

  • Mock Tests

    Prepare yourself with relevant mock tests. Simulate your exam day with the correct format, time pressures, number of questions and topic spread *not all resources have associated mock tests

  • Key Learning Points

    Every question tests a key learning point. Each revision session you complete ends with a memorable summary of key points you’ve covered. Review the questions again to reinforce your knowledge.

  • Question Tags

    Creating tags helps you find and review questions easily. Look out for important questions tagged by our editors.

  • Revision Notes

    Store your notes on any question and review them within your revision summary.

  • Revise With Your Peers

    Revising with friends is more fun. Challenge yourself against your peers with our unique timed quiz.

  • Performance Feedback & Peer Comparison

    Indicates how likely you are to pass. Detailed performance graphs show how you’re currently performing and benchmark you against your peers.