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BMJ OnExamination can tailor an institutional package to your needs.
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The customer care which BMJ OnExamination provides is excellent. More importantly our doctors and students love using BMJ OnExamination

Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

Why choose us as your provider?

BMJ OnExamination has helped over 210,000 medical professionals revise for their exams.

Our resources cater for medical students and important, career-progressing post graduate medical exams across a variety of specialties, including - General Medicine, General Practice, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Child Health, Anaesthesia and Psychiatry.

Your trainees and students would have access to quality question banks and an intuitive state of the art revision platform.

Your institution would have regular usage reporting to help plan for future needs and understand uptake rates.

BMJ OnExamination’s institutional package is simple to administer and manage and their staff are always helpful

Ayr & Kilmarnock NHS Trust
  • Quality Questions

    Our questions all contain a detailed clinical scenario, written to the correct exam format and appropriate level of difficulty. They include a detailed explanation that teach and improve knowledge and are all subject to regular clinical review to ensure accuracy.

  • Mobile App

    Our customers have full access to our popular revision App. This allows them to fit in their revision around their busy lives. They can revise on their commute, in between patients or whenever suits them best. They can practice questions offline, their scores are synced back to their account when they are next online.

  • Core Questions

    Our system allows our users to maximise their revision time.

    Core Questions instantly delivers the most important questions, ranked by our clinical tutors and their peers.

  • Feedback & Analysis

    Our personalised feedback tools ensure your trainees and students understand their strengths and where they need to improve.
    The peer comparison tool will show them how their average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam.

  • Daily Notifications

    We make it easy for our customers to stay on track with their revision. We send them a personalised revision question every day at time that they specify.

  • Mock Tests

    Our mock tests simulate what candidates will face on exam day with the correct format, time pressures, number of questions and topic spread. This gives them a chance to practice these important exam techniques before the day. Please note that not all resources have a mock test available.