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Diploma in Child Health (DCH) Exam Revision Resource

Our extensive bank of over 1,705 exam format revision questionss have been written by experienced paediatricians, providing you with a fully relevant, syllabus matched revision resource for the DCH exam.

To get the most out of your exam preparation our DCH revision resource offers you a comprehensive range of learning tools which have been specifically designed to test your knowledge and improve your exam aptitude.

650+ 'Best of Five' Questions (BoFs)
395+ 'Extended Matching Question' Items (EMQs)
765+ 'Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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  • Over 650 'best of five' questions (BoFs)
  • Detailed clinical scenarios
  • Over 655 'multiple choice' questions (MCQs)
  • Question themes from previous exams
  • Over 395 'extended matching question' items (EMQs)
  • Detailed explanations that teach and improve your clinical understanding
  • Questions that are mapped to the DCH curriculum
  • Exam specific revision advice

Feedback & Analysis

Understand how you are performing and where you need to improve - Our graphing features ensure you get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of your performance by session and over time.

Are you ahead of the curve? Our Peer Comparison tool shows you how your average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam.

Track and log every revision session by name in your learning journal. Stored in date order, you can return to any session whenever you wish.

Mock Test

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? - why not take a mock test and check you are exam ready.

Designed to test your exam aptitude our mock tests are timed and include the correct number of questions and topic spread for your exam – mirroring what you will face on exam day.

Group Learning

Do you enjoy learning with your friends and peers? Our group learning feature allows you to take part in a group quiz that is specific to your exam.

It delivers ten questions in each quiz round so you can compete against other BMJ OnExamination customers sitting the same exam as you.

If you know friends at your University, Hospital or GP Practice with a BMJ OnExamination account invite them to login and join you to take part together.

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UK Doctor

Allowed me to direct my learning and see where my weaknesses are


fabulous package

I would recommend it for each and every paediatrician to go through basics questionnaire...

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