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Why choose us for your PLAB exam revision?

Before you can practice in the UK you must first pass The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) exam. The PLAB is a computer-based written exam consisting of 200 single best answer (SBA) questions.  

The PLAB exam has moved away from testing factual recall, it now focuses on clinical problem solving across a number of specialties and tests a candidates knowledge of the professional conduct necessary to practice as a junior doctor in the UK.  BMJ OnExamination’s PLAB revision resource contains questions written by expert and experienced clinicians that incorporate all aspects of foundation training.   

Our fully updated and reviewed PLAB revision resource offers you a bank of over 1,320 exam format Single Best Answer questions (SBAs). Our high quality questions reflect the GMC exam to give you the closest revision experience possible.   Each of our curriculum matched SBAs include a full explanation to ensure we provide you with fully comprehensive exam revision.  

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Your PLAB Exam revision resource includes:

  • Over 1250 ‘single best answer’ revision questions
  • Question themes from previous PLAB exams
  • EMQs questions for additional learning
  • Personalised daily question to keep you on track
  • Exam specific revision advice
  • Detailed explanations that help increase your understanding
  • Detailed performance analysis and feedback

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Key features

Core Questions 

Maximise your revision time. Core Questions instantly delivers you the most important questions, ranked by our clinical tutors and your peers. Our team includes past examiners, field specialists and clinical authors; experienced in exam formats and the current expectations of what you will be tested on and why.

Feedback & Analysis

We provide intelligent and responsive feedback for you to keep track of how your revision is going. Detailed performance graphs show how you’re currently performing and benchmark you against your peers.

Mock Test

Prepare yourself with relevant mock tests for selected exams. Simulate exam day with the correct format, time pressures, number of questions and topic spread. We will then generate an accurate and detailed breakdown of your results, letting you know what you need to focus on..

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Section Editor

Seema Biswas is International Health editor at BMJ OnExamination.
She is a general surgeon and experienced teacher and examiner. She completed her undergraduate studies and postgraduate surgical training in the UK and now has an international career in surgery, global health and medical education.
Seema Biswas' Top Plab Exam Tip: It is only by practising questions that you get a good idea of what you need to know. Read up on conditions you are less familiar with after you have tried a question and force yourself to study topics that are out of your comfort zone.

Seema Biswas

Seema Biswas

Speciality: MSc, FRCS

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Very thorough and covers all aspects of the written exam

I completed my plab 2010. I used onexamination question bank as complementary method to boost my revision. I must agree it proved successful. I would recommend anyone to do onexamination question repeatedly and read the explanations. Very effective resource for PLAB.

Great exam resource!

Great exam resource