Situational Judgement Test Exam Tips

How should you prepare for your Situational Judgement Test (SJT) exam?

With the SJT exam very nearly upon us, BMJ OnExamination's Dr Matt Morgan has rounded up some facts and tips, to help you pass your exam, first time.
Find out how the SJT is structured and why the Situational Judgement Test is so important for medical students.The Situational Judgement Test can set the course for your early medical training, so it really is a key medical exam to get right.

Learn about the best resources to access to help you prepare your SJT exam sitting. 

As well as OnExamination's SJT revision questions, there are some other essential guides to make study time for.
Dr Morgan also offers some really useful exam tips for the different question types, to make sure you’re completely prepared for what you see on the day of your exam. 
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