How To Pass Your MRCP Part 1 Exam

Top Tips on Passing Your MRCP Part 1 Exam

This week saw the latest sitting of the MRCP Part 1 exam, and we hope you all did brilliantly.

For those of you who are next up, take a look at Dr Matt Morgan’s top tips on how to pass your MRCP Part 1 exam!



1. Hit The Hard Bits

There are certain sections of every medical specialty that people routinely find difficult, or you may personally find difficult. The temptation is to avoid those and keep them until last.In fact, you should proactively, aggressively attack those areas first. You can make some last minute notes on these areas for last minute preparation just before the written exam.

2. Make Revision an Every Day Clinical Event

The patients you see in your practice, the drugs you use, and the tests that you perform should all prompt internal revision in your head.Every time you write down a drug, think about its class, its pharmacokinetics, it's pharmacodynamics, and its side effects.

That way, you work revision into every day.

3. Use OnExamination Questions As A Prompt

And my final tip is to use the questions that we provide you in OnExamination not as a means to the end in itself, but as a prompt for further reading and further revision.

We give you detailed explanations but use those as a springboard to read the latest guidelines and the latest evidence based medicine on that topic.

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