Why choose us as your provider?

BMJ OnExamination has helped over 210,000 medical professionals revise for their exams.

Our resources cater for medical students and important, career-progressing post graduate medical exams across a variety of specialties, including - General Medicine, General Practice, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Child Health, Anaesthesia and Psychiatry.

Your trainees and students would have access to quality question banks and an intuitive state of the art revision platform.

Your institution would have regular usage reporting to help plan for future needs and understand uptake rates.

Quality Questions

We have been writing medical revision questions for the last fifteen years, we have perfected a robust editorial process that ensures our questions are of the best quality and relevance for each specific exam.

Our questions all contain a detailed clinical scenario, written to the correct exam format and appropriate level of difficulty. They include a detailed explanation that teach and improve knowledge and are all subject to regular clinical review to ensure accuracy.

Feedback and Analysis

Our personalised feedback tools will ensure your trainees and students understand how they are performing and where they need to improve - Our graphing features ensure they get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of their performance by session and over time.

Our Peer Comparison tool will show them how their average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam, giving a strong indication of whether their knowledge level is where it needs to be to have a good chance of passing their exam

They can track and log all of their revision sessions by name in their learning journal. Stored in date order, they can return to any session whenever they wish to.

Work Smart

Your trainees and students will be able to customise their revision to suit them they can choose to answer questions by topic, type, difficulty level or weak area.

Work Smart will allow a user to test their weak areas - the session analysis section will provide them with a pre-filled Work Smart session that focuses on their weak areas only.

Revise more efficiently; our Adapt For Me feature adapts to a users current performance and delivers them questions that increase in difficulty as their knowledge improves.

After each Work Smart session, each user is provided with a memorable list of learning points covered in that particular session, to help reinforce their revision.

Mock Test

Our mock test feature is designed to test a learners exam aptitude. Our mock tests are timed and include the correct number of questions and topic spread for each specific exam – mirroring what your trainees will face on exam day.

Mobile App

Our free App allows our users to revise offline on up to two devices allowing them to use both their phone and their tablet. They can download up to 100 questions at a time, all of their scores are saved and are synced back to their account when they next log in online.

The customer care which BMJ OnExamination provides is excellent. More importantly our doctors and students love using BMJ OnExamination

Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

BMJ OnExamination's institutional package is simple to administer and manage and their staff are always helpful

Ayr & Kilmarnock NHS Trust