Engaging video tutorials

Understand how to perform clinical examinations and interpret medical results

We know you need to demonstrate your ability when performing clinical examinations and interpretations.

Our video tutorials will teach you these skills by watching real time demonstrations by expert clinicians. You will be able to demonstrate your skills in real life examinations.

Available Tutorials


Abnormalities of Gait


Classification and examples of normal and abnormal gaits are presented together with lists of various underlying causes.


Clinical Electrocardiography Part 1 Cardiac Vectors and Hypertrophy Patterns


First of three tutorials presenting the basic electrophysiological concepts underlying various patterns relevant to clinical problems.


Clinical Electrocardiography Part 2 Conduction Disturbances and Myocardial Infarction


Second in the series of three tutorials, exploring normal conduction and its disturbances, various bundle branch blocks and morphological changes associated with acute myocardial infarction.


Clinical Electrocardiography Part 3 Cardiac Arrhythmias


In this final tutorial of a series of three common arrhythmias are shown for diagnosis and then explained together with their treatment by an expert.


Cushing's Syndrome Long and Short Case


An expert endocrinologist presents some pathognomonic signs that should be sequentially demonstrated in the exam.


Difficult Short Cases Part 1 The Abdomen


The differential diagnosis of a mass in the abdomen and the strategy to cope when there is nothing to see or palpate.


Difficult Short Cases Part 2 The Chest


View a systematic examination of the chest together with many of the problems that may be presented in the examination.


Examination of a Goitre


Examination of the neck with particular reference to palpation of the thyroid gland: some of the common problems and the reasons for failure are discussed.


Examination of the Abdomen


The essential details and sequential steps of the examination together with the principal clinical signs and examples of short cases are shown.


Examination of the Cardiovascular System


Clinical examination and diagnostic evaluation of a cardiac problem is presented in five sequential steps, avoiding the usual pitfalls.


Examination of the Cranial Nerves


A simplified routine of clinical steps for coping with this difficult task in the exam.


Examination of the Ear


View a sequential examination of the ear and learn about one of the most neglected aspects of clinical assessment as practised by most generalists.


Examination of the Heart


Common short cases, together with their prominent clinical signs and the suggested methods of examination, are shown.


Examination of the Legs


A simplified approach to decide when to treat it as a 'spot' case and when to probe further with vascular or neurological examination together with the steps for each.


Examination of the Retinal Fundus


A common and often a difficult hurdle in the exam. We present over 40 examples of various conditions, a method of examination and a few useful tips.


Examination of the Skin


The tutorial covers most of the common skin conditions and some of the less common ones affecting each area of the body.


Examination of Thyroid Status


The examination steps, the usual pitfalls and mistakes, and a demonstration of the key steps are presented to decide whether there is eu-, hypo- or hyperthyroidism.


Fundamentals of X ray Interpretation Part 1


Learn from experts who present the fundamental principles of looking at x-rays and view a wide variety of general films.


Fundamentals of X ray Interpretation Part 2


Complementary to Part 1, experts continue to present interesting films giving you time to note the abnormalities.


Interpretation of Chest X rays Part 1 The Heart and its Chambers


Learn the salient features in the assessment of a chest x-ray from a radiologist experienced in cardiac radiology.


Interpretation of Chest X rays Part 2 The Heart and its Chambers A Quiz


Sharpen your diagnostic wits with this quiz presented by an expert radiologist who will test your findings and diagnosis.


Interpretation of Chest X rays Part 3 Pulmonary Vasculature


This tutorial helps you to gain insight into your patients' cardiac problems by looking closely at the vasculature on the chest x-ray.


Interpretation of Chest X rays Part 4 Pulmonary Vasculature A Quiz


Sharpen your mind and get accustomed to pointing out the abnormalities on each x-ray building up to a diagnosis.


Interpretation of Paediatric X Rays


An experienced radiologist tackles the difficult problem of interpreting paediatric x-rays with the help of diagrams and illustrations.


Looking at Skin Rashes


In this follow-up tutorial, morphology and distribution of skin rashes are presented.


Mock Examination of Short Cases


Learn from Sir John Badenoch who examines two candidates in a mock exercise simulating the real MRCP short cases examination.


Paediatric Short Cases Part 1


Gain the techniques required for coping with paediatric short cases. Learn from a physician who assembles clue from a general inspection.


Paediatric Short Cases Part 2


Complementary to Part 1, experts continue to show examples of paediatric short cases.


Preparation and Pitfalls of the MRCP Examination


Discover the commonly encountered pitfalls and get general advice about coping with the short cases section of the MRCP Part 2 examination.


Spot Diagnosis Part 1 Differential Diagnosis and Examination Technique


Panic not : the two tutorials in this series will help you to cope with this hurdle and show you numerous examples that occur in the exam.


Spot Diagnosis Part 2 Test Your Visual Acumen


Part II of our popular 'Spot the Diagnosis' series gives you a further chance to test your clinical wits. A complete list of all the abnormalities is given after each 'spot'.