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MRCP Part 1 

Revise at your own pace with our bank of over 3,280 MRCP Part 1 questions,  written by doctors who are experts in all aspects of General Medicine and have extensive knowledge of the exam structure, difficulty level and curriculum.

BMJ OnExamination have been writing medical exam revision questions for the last fifteen years. Our robust editorial process ensures our questions are of the best quality and relevance for the current  MRCP Part 1 exam. Our MRCP  Part 1 revision resource is fully aligned with the Royal College of Physicians curriculum, to give you the closest revision experience possible to the exam.

Our MRCP Part 1 questions are pitched at the correct difficulty level, to mirror what you will experience on exam day.

Our bespoke medical revision platform allows you to systematically target your weak areas, improve your knowledge across all key topics in the current exam curriculum, test your exam aptitude, log your learning and track your progress.

 * Stats are obtained from customer feedback report in 2013

3,280 Quality BoF Questions
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What is included in your MRCP Part 1 exam resource

  • 3,280 ‘best of five’ questions
  • Detailed clinical scenarios
  • Detailed explanations that teach and improve your clinical understanding
  • Exam theme Mock Tests, including question themes from the May 2017 exam
  • Questions that are mapped to the MRCP Part 1 curriculum

Work Smart

Customise your revision to suit you - choose to answer questions by topic, type, difficulty level or weak area.

Use Work Smart to test your weak areas - select this feature in your session analysis and we will provide you with a pre-filled Work Smart session that focuses on your weak areas only.

Revise more efficiently; our Adapt For Me feature adapts to your current performance and delivers you questions that increase in difficulty as your knowledge improves.

After each Work Smart session, we provide you with a memorable list of learning points covered in that particular session, to help reinforce your revision

AdaptForMe - An Intuitive Learning Feature 

Our adaptive learning feature responds to your knowledge level as you answer questions, it will deliver questions to you that increase in difficulty as your knowledge improves.

This will make your revision more efficient; it will ensure you don’t waste your time doing questions that are too easy for you and likewise it won’t deliver questions that are too difficult for you at the present time.

As your knowledge improves the system will keep challenging you by testing your knowledge with more difficult questions keeping you on track for exam success.

Feedback & Analysis

Understand how you are performing and where you need to improve - Our graphing features ensure you get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of your performance by session and over time.

Are you ahead of the curve? Our Peer Comparison tool shows you how your average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam.

Track and log every revision session by name in your learning journal. Stored in date order, you can return to any session whenever you wish.

Mock Test

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? - why not take a mock test and check you are exam ready.

Designed to test your exam aptitude our mock tests are timed and include the correct number of questions and topic spread for your exam – mirroring what you will face on exam day.

Mobile App

Our free App allows you to revise offline on up to two devices allowing you to use both your phone and your tablet. Download up to 100 questions at a time. All of your scores are saved and are synced back to your account when you next log in online.

This means that you can fit in your revision wherever you are, on your commute, in between patients, having a coffee break, whenever it suits you best.

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Section Editor

Dr Rebecca Shakir

Dr Rebecca Shakir

Speciality: MRCP MBBS BSc (Hons) AICSM

Rebecca graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2009 and is currently a Core Medical Trainee in the Oxford Deanery. In addition to her clinical work she has a strong interest in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

In January 2012 Rebecca was appointed to the role of MRCP part 1 Section Editor. As a Section Editor she is responsible for a team of medical question writers that are experts in their specialty and have extensive knowledge of the exam structure, difficulty and curriculum. Rebecca will review all the questions and instruct authors on what new questions to write and add to the MRCP Part 1 revision resource. Rebecca will also answer your queries on questions and respond to the feedback you give us on our questions.

Dr Shakir’s Top MRCP part 1 Exam Tip: Remember that the questions are single best answer, which means that more than one answer may be correct. Take the time to pick the one which is ‘most correct’. Doing lots of practice questions will help with this!

MRCP Part 1 Reviews

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it,s great way to understand the concepts of Mrcp 1.

It is very helpful to understand the concept of Mrcp & successful to pass it.



very very good


Best review material

I found onexamination very helpful in revising for my MRCP part 1 exam. The app was especially helpful allowing me to solve questions on the go. Thank u BMJ



Excellent for mrcp


very good

very good


Comprehensive preparation for the MRCP Part 1 Exam

The BMJ onexamination resource provides a very comprehensive preparation for the MRCP part 1. I felt that the questions online had a good mixture of those that were the same and more difficult than the actual exam.

The topic coverage was sufficient and the explanation of what justifies the correct answer was the most helpful part of the resource. Most of the learning comes from well written answer explanations.





Very Helpful

Nice collection and really helpful for a GP doctors like me who are preparing for mrcp examination



Good Resource

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