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Why choose us for your MRCP Part 1 exam revision?

Revise with over 3,190 expertly written MRCP Part 1 questions, our resources designed to help you pass and maximise your revision time. 

Our bank of MRCP Part 1 questions are written by doctors who are experts in all aspects of General Medicine and have extensive knowledge of the exam structure, difficulty level and curriculum.

BMJ OnExamination have been writing medical exam revision questions for the last fifteen years. Our robust editorial process ensures our questions are of the best quality and relevance for the current MRCP Part 1 exam. Our MRCP Part 1 revision resource is fully aligned with the Royal College of Physicians curriculum, to give you the closest revision experience possible to the exam.

Our MRCP Part 1 questions are pitched at the correct difficulty level, to mirror what you will experience on exam day.

Our bespoke medical revision platform allows you to systematically target your weak areas, improve your knowledge across all key topics in the current exam curriculum, test your exam aptitude, log your learning and track your progress.


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How we help you pass

  • 3,190 'best of five' questions
  • Core Questions highlight the topics you must know
  • Time Efficient Revision  
  • Offline App to revise on the go
  • Revision prompts to encourage you to revise every day 
  • Personalised daily question delivered at a time to suit you
  • Detailed analysis and feedback 
  • Peer comparison
  • Timed Mock Tests


Exclusive Content

  • All questions mapped to the current curriculum
  • Key learning points per question
  • Comprehensive explanations
  • All questions are mapped to the current MRCP Part 1 syllabus

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