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  • 645+ Medical Student Year 1 exam revision questions
  • Core Questions allows you to revise the most important topics
  • Offline App to revise on the go
  • Revision prompts to encourage you to revise every day 
  • Personalised Daily Question delivered at a time to suit you
  • Timed Mock Tests based on previous exam themes 
  • Social Learning helps revise with your peers and compare scores
  • Performance dashboard to keep track of your progress
  • Detailed analytical tools to highlight your weak areas

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  • 420+ Single Best Answer questions
  • 90+ True/False MCQ Questions
  • 130+ Extended Matching Questions
  • Detailed explanations that improve your learning
  • Tracked performance analysis and feedback
  • Exam specific revision advice
  • Fully curriculum-mapped to cover all areas, including Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Basic Sciences, and Pathology

Why choose us for your Med Student Year 1 exam revision?

Our exam revision resource supports your learning with pre-clinical questions designed to test and improve your knowledge in your first year. 

Take advantage of the expert-written physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, basic sciences and pathology practice questions to ensure you are fully prepared for this important exam.

Our significant experience in delivering high quality medical education and exam preparation materials ensures we are able to provide tailored resources to support your specific exam. Why not test your exam aptitude using our Year 1 Mock Test which contains challenging questions from across your curriculum?


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