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NMC Test of Competence - Part 1 Exam Revision

Qualify to work in the UK with our NMC Test of Competence resource. Revise for the computer-based test with practice questions that simulate what you'll experience on exam day.

Get access to 'patient and public safety' questions that are critical items you need to know to pass this exam.

Cover all domains and revise with questions specific to what will appear in your exam. Our revision features are designed to allow you to maximise your time and focus on the highest value questions.


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Your NMC Part 1 Revision Resource will include:

  • Over 315 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Questions covering all domains for the Adult Nursing Exam
  • Questions to prepare for the ‘Critical Items’ on patient or public safety
  • Detailed explanations that improve your learning
  • Detailed performance analysis and feedback
  • Main domains: Professional values, communication, interpersonal skills, nursing practice, decision making, leadership management and team working

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Key features

Core Questions 

Maximise your revision time. Core Questions instantly delivers you the most important questions, ranked by our clinical tutors and your peers. Our team includes past examiners, field specialists and clinical authors; experienced in exam formats and the current expectations of what you will be tested on and why.

Feedback & Analysis

We provide intelligent and responsive feedback for you to keep track of how your revision is going. Detailed performance graphs show how you’re currently performing and benchmark you against your peers.

Mock Test

Prepare yourself with relevant mock tests. Simulate exam day with the correct format, time pressures, number of questions and topic spread. We will then generate an accurate and detailed breakdown of your results, letting you know what you need to focus on..

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Section Editor

Karen has been a registered nurse for 30 years and is currently a senior lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast. She has published widely in the field of healthcare and education and is the editor of the Journal of Perioperative Practice and Nurse section editor for BMJ OnExamination. She has served as a committee member for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for over nine years.

Karen leads a team of nursing question writers that are experts in their specialty and have extensive knowledge of the exam structure, difficulty and curriculum. Karen reviews all the questions and leads on all new questions written for the NMC Part 1 revision resource. Karen will also answer your queries on questions and respond to the feedback you give us on our questions.

Dr McCutcheon’s Top NMC part 1 Exam Tip: Be honest with yourself about the areas that you are weak in and do not avoid those areas tackle them with lots of revision before taking the test.

Dr Karen McCutcheon

Dr Karen McCutcheon

Speciality: RGN, PGCHE, M.Sc. Nursing, DNP

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Very Interesting

I would recommend this to one preparing for CBT. Very good questions and answers with rationale s

It's an interesting and Very good examination, I really enjoyed it

Good work done and I want more of it soon

very interesting and educational .Helps to improve / update knowledge and skills .

Good way to update current knowledge and skills
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