Are you looking for MRCOG Part 1 revision questions?

free mrcs part a revision questions for surgery exams

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Are you looking for MRCOG Part 1 revision questions?

BMJ OnExamination's MRCOG Part 1 free trial provides you with access to a bank of challenging revision questions which contain question themes similar to what candidates faced in previous exam sittings. As a free trial registrant, you will also receive 10% OFF our MRCOG Part 1 revision resource!

Upon subscribing to our full MRCOG Part 1 resource you will receive access to:

  • Extensive Question Bank - 1,500 revision questions written by surgeons who understand what is required for you to pass this exam

  • Curriculum Mapped Questions - Resource is mapped to the current Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) curriculum 

  • NEW Mock Test 2017 - Our Mock Tests are regularly updated with themes that are similar to topics tested in previous exam sittings

  • Free Mobile App - Revise anywhere at any time, online or offline!

  • Smart Revision Tools - Organise and focus your revision with popular tools including Work Smart, Work Hard, Learning Journal and Adapt For Me.

MRCOG Part 1: Our top tips for the day of your exam!

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We deliver exam success

A recent survey of our subscribers found that over 77% PASSED their medical exams with our revision resources. 

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Save time, revise on the go

One of the biggest challenges you will face when revising for your medical exams is fitting valuable revision time into your busy life. Download our Mobile App and you will have the power to revise anywhere at any time either online or offline! 

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Experts in exam preparation

Revise at your own pace with our bank of over 1,500 MRCOG Part 1 questions, written by Obstetricans and Gynaecologists who have extensive knowledge of the exam structure, difficulty level and curriculum to help you pass your exams at the first attempt. 

Revision tools that deliver exam success

Work Smart - Focus your revision

Work Smart

Customise your revision to suit you - choose to answer questions by topic, type, difficulty level or weak area.

Use Work Smart to test your weak areas - select this feature in your session analysis and we will provide you with a pre-filled Work Smart session that focuses on your weak areas only.

Revise more efficiently; our Adapt For Me feature adapts to your current performance and delivers you questions that increase in difficulty as your knowledge improves.

How do you compare with other candidates sitting the MRCOG Part 1?

Performance Analysis

Understand how you are performing and where you need to improve - Our graphing features ensure you get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of your performance by session and over time.

Are you ahead of the curve? Our Peer Comparison tool shows you how your average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam.

Track and log every revision session by name in your learning journal. Stored in date order, you can return to any session whenever you wish.

Clinical Support Tutor for your mrcog exam revision

Clinical Tutor Support

Candidates who'll subscribe ahead of their exams benefit from direct interaction with our experienced clinical team, through our comprehensive explanations, expertly written and continuously improved for each of our revision questions, and also the opportunity to engage with their own Clinical Support Tutor, regularly providing personal feedback through our Help Centre support system.


Looking for MRCOG Part 1 Past Paper questions?

Mock Test

Our Mock Tests are regularly updated with themes that are similar to topics tested in previous exam sittings. Each Mock Test is regularly maintained to closely replicate what you may experience on the day of your exam, helping you practice your exam technique together with a realistic mix of topic areas, weighted correctly to the current exam papers


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