Immunisation Schedules for MRCGP AKT Exam

Dr Geraint Preest, Clinical Section Editor at BMJ OnExamination, gives you some hints and tips for immunisation schedules.

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Immunisation Schedules - Video Transcript

Immunisation schedules are really important for the exam. You’ve really got the make sure you revise these. Now there are often changes, in fact we’ve prepared questions on immunisation schedules in the past and in a very short space of time those questions have gone out of date because it been updated.

Look for changes in particular. There are a few useful websites; Public Health England tends to list changes and the .gov website has updates that you should check. Look at updates about year a before the exam because often that’s when the questions are set. There have been recent changes in relation to infant Meningitis C immunisations and Meningitis B, so look it up and make sure you know what they are.


Immunisation Schedules - More Info for MRCGP AKT Exam Revision

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