Why revise with Mock Tests vs Past Papers for your medical exams?

Searching for medical exam past papers? There is a better alternative.

Preparing for your medical exams can be a daunting task; that's why it's handy to have a preview of what sitting your exam will be like. And that's why we have mock tests! Dr Matt Morgan explains the benefits of studying for your medical exams using OnExamination's Mock Tests. 

In short, studying for your upcoming medical exams using Mock Tests will ensure you're:

  • Up to date with the latest and likely themes
  • Familiar with the question types and that you understand how to interpret the different question formats
  • Prepared for managing your time in your medical exam
  • Practiced at working out answers to questions you're not sure of
  • Armed with the sharpest exam skills!

BMJ OnExamination Mock Tests offer you:

mock tests are timed to replicate medical exam conditions

Timed Tests

Designed to test your exam aptitude; each test is timed and with the correct number of questions and topic spread for your exam - mirroring what you will face on exam day. You can set the timer and hide the correct answers, to fully recreate exam conditions. 

We do this as there is little value sitting an MRCGP Mock Test unless you are answering the same number of questions in the MRCGP exam, and answering them within the same amount of time given for the AKT exam

curriculum mapped medical exam questions to replicate medical exam conditions

Curriculum Mapped

For example, the medical study questions in our MRCP Part 1 Mock Test will closely follow the curriculum of the MRCP 1 exam. This means that we put questions in the mock tests which are based on themes that are likely to come up in future exams. Our Mock tests are regulalry reviewed and updated with themes that are similar to topics tested in previous exam sittings, as well as popular exam themes and questions covering recent guideline changes.


Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

Our graphing features ensure you get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of your performance in this mock exam. See at a glance which questions you answered incorrectly and which topics need more study Once completed, you can review all your answers and learn from our comprehensive explanations if there are any areas of the curriculum you still need to prepare for.


identiy gaps in your knowledge

Identify Weak Areas

Many subscribers to choose to sit a Mock Test when they first subscribe to our resource to identify knowledge gaps to focus their revision time. Select this feature in your Session Analysis and we will provide you with a pre-filled Work Smart session that focuses on your weak areas only.

mock test on the onexamination mobile app

Sit a test, anywhere at any time!

Our Mock Tests are now available on our medical revision app!

It can be hard to set aside chunks of time to study, and sometimes a change of scene is good. Our app now lets you study mock tests from your phone or tablet, so you can practice for your medical exams without being stuck at your desk.

Sit a mock test anywhere, at anytime on your mobile or tablet device.

medical revision help when you need it

Clinical Tutor Support

Our vision is to provide ‘effective revision to help candidates pass their exams first time’. Candidates who'll subscribe ahead of their exams benefit from direct interaction with our experienced clinical team, through our comprehensive explanations, expertly written and continuously improved for each of our revision questions, and also the opportunity to engage with their own Clinical Support Tutor, regularly providing personal feedback through our Help Centre support system. 

curriculum royal college medical exams

Continuously Updated

Our Mock Tests are continuously updated with themes that are similar to topics tested in previous exam sittings. If the Royal Colleges change the exam format, we are quick to update each mock Test accordingly to align to these changes. This ensures our Mock Tests offer you a revision experience that mirrors what you will experience on the day of your exam. 

tag medical revision questions

Tag Questions

Create your own tags for questions that you want to be able to group and find easily, you can choose to filter questions by tag heading within Work Smart. Look out for questions tagged by our editors for your specific exam, such as 'hot topics' or exam themes similar to a particular sitting

key learning points

Key Learning Points

Upon completion of a Mock Test you can review key learing points to enhance your knowledge and identify possible knowledge gaps. 

Where can I get past papers for medical exams?

BMJ OnExamination does not source past papers, and neither should you!

If you remember one point from Dr Matt Morgan's video on Mock Tests, it should be that simply memorising the answers to past questions is a DREADFUL way to prepare for your future exams.

This is where Mock Tests excel. Our medical mock test questions anticipate the common hot topics of upcoming exams, and our thorough explanations will teach you how to answer different questions on complicated topics in the future.

Our experienced editorial team supports many students and junior doctors as they prepare for exams through all stages of medical training. Many years of combined experience of the examinations we cover allow this highly skilled team to reliably predict common learning points and clinical scenarios on traditionally challenging topics that are likely to come up in future exam sittings.

Disclaimer: We do not source past papers, or in any way encourage or condone the sharing of questions following medical exam sittings.

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