MRCP Part 2 Exam Themes & Tips

MRCP Part 2 Written exam doctor

Preparing to sit the MRCP Part 2 Written exam involves studying an extensive breadth of knowledge. Of course, there’s no way to test you on EVERYTHING in a series of three hour papers, so the exams must focus on some key themes. These will change with each exam, but many enduring themes and scenarios are likely be tested at each sitting.

Here’s our list of some popular themes, similar to topics that are covered regularly in the current exam format, to help you prepare for your upcoming MRCP Part 2 Written paper.


Cardiology is an extensive subject and there are always plenty of questions in the exam to reflect this. We predict that you may be tested on dual chamber pacemakers and you may need to look in general at indications for pacemakers, suitability, and diagnosing related problem.


Another popular and potentially challenging topic area, so you will need to perform well when tested on Infectious Diseases, as your skills in differential diagnosis will be tested fully in the exam.. Read the lead-in for each question carefully and consider each of the five options fully, before attempting the question. Practice as many of these scenarios as you can to support your knowledge and improve your confidence.


Always tested fully as a curriculum area. We would expect candidates to prepare for questions on lung cancers and getting plenty of practice in differentiating between subtypes of cancer and interpreting blood results.


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