BMJ OnExamination Pass Rate Survey Results

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Does BMJ OnExamination Help You Pass? Our Subscribers Said YES!

Our vision is to provide ‘effective revision to help candidates pass their exams first time’, so in 2016, we surveyed our active subscribers to ask what more we could do to help them, and to identify whether revising with us improved their chances of passing their medical exams, first time.

Here’s what they said:

  • Of the 356 BMJ OnExamination subscribers who completed the survey in 2016, we found that over 77% of subscribers passed their medical exams using our revision resources.
  • The survey determined that those candidates who prepared with our MRCP Part 1, MRCP Part 2 and MRCGP AKT revision resources had a higher pass rate success than the published pass rate statistics from the relevant Royal Colleges.

Exam Name          Royal College Pass Rates         
in 2016
BMJ OnExamination          
Pass Rate in 2016
MRCP Part 144.5%62.16%17.66%
MRCP Part 265.25%84.62%19.37%
MRCGP (AKT)72.5%93.18%20.68%

  • Of the 19 respondents who revised with our DRCOG revision resource, over 94% of subscribers passed their exam.
  • Of the 27 student respondents who revised with our Finals revision resource, over 93% passed their written exams at the first attempt.

Details of our Pass Rate survey

The survey was conducted internally in 2016. The survey was distributed to all BMJ OnExamination subscribers with marketing permissions via email. A total of 356 BMJ OnExamination customers completed the survey in full. The research concluded that 77% of customers who had received their results, had passed their medical exams.

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