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PGMEE India Exam Revision Resource

The difficulty of these exams is well recognised. That is why we have developed this extensive online resource of quality revision questions including  past paper themes written by our expert tutors with extensive experience in teaching for these exams.

The resource is specifically modelled on best response questions and covers the entire syllabi of Medicine, Surgery, Obs+Gynae, Basic Sciences and Psychiatry.

Optimise your chance of passing this difficult examination by choosing a provider who  includes the latest themes offered in recent examinations from all the representative colleges such as PGIMER, All India, JIPMER, AIIMS, Kerala, Karnataka, UPSC and DNB primary within our question bank.

Your PGMEE India exam revision resource includes:

  • Over 3,190 'single best answer' SBA questions
  • Question themes from previous exams
  • Detailed performance analysis and feedback
  • Adaptive learning
  • Exam specific revision advice

Work Smart

Customise your revision to suit you - choose to answer questions by topic, type, difficulty level or weak area.

Use Work Smart to test your weak areas - select this feature in your session analysis and we will provide you with a pre-filled Work Smart session that focuses on your weak areas only.

Revise more efficiently; our Adapt For Me feature adapts to your current performance and delivers you questions that increase in difficulty as your knowledge improves.

After each Work Smart session, we provide you with a memorable list of learning points covered in that particular session, to help reinforce your revision

Work Hard

Do you want to test your knowledge across all topics in your exam curriculum? Our Work Hard feature delivers questions to you in a random pattern across all exam relevant topics.

You can also choose to work in test mode which means you will not see your scores, answers and explanations to the questions until the end of your session to give you more of an exam experience.

Feedback & Analysis

Understand how you are performing and where you need to improve - Our graphing features ensure you get a clear, accurate and detailed picture of your performance by session and over time.

Are you ahead of the curve? Our Peer Comparison tool shows you how your average scores compare to the average of all BMJ OnExamination users revising for the same exam.

Track and log every revision session by name in your learning journal. Stored in date order, you can return to any session whenever you wish.

Mobile App

Our free App allows you to revise offline on up to two devices allowing you to use both your phone and your tablet. Download up to 100 questions at a time. All of your scores are saved and are synced back to your account when you next log in online.

This means that you can fit in your revision wherever you are, on your commute, in between patients, having a coffee break, whenever it suits you best.

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