Features and Benefits

Make the most out of your revision resource. Use the features to get a tailored and personal revision experience. See how they can benefit you and improve your revision sessions.

Learn more about how BMJ OnExamination can support you with your revision by reading our User Guide.

Quality Questions

Our question bank contains over 58,000 questions across 33 exams. These clinically-rich case problems test your knowledge; whilst answers, explanations and further reading links improve your learning. Written by our team of specialist authors, our question banks give you access to relevant, regularly updated questions based on your curriculum giving you a resource that is closely aligned to your exam. < Back


Our question system adapts to your level of ability to give you questions that are pitched to improve your learning faster. You will receive questions that are slightly higher than your current ability to stretch you and improve your performance. This uniquely personal experience will offer you truly challenging exam preparation.< Back

Work Smart

Work Smart gives you the opportunity to customise your revision session so you can focus on the areas of your knowledge that you want to improve. You can choose the question type, difficulty, category and the number of questions you want to answer in your exam. Focus your efforts topic by topic so you can target your learning on your weak areas. < Back


To ensure you keep your revision on track we provide you with feedback on your performance. Understand which categories you are strong and weak in, to focus your revision sessions. Recognise how your performance has improved over time with the day-to-day analysis. Know your average score and compare yourself against your peers to benchmark your performance. < Back

Work Hard

Work hard progresses you systematically through the case problems giving you questions from all topics relevant to the current exam in a random pattern; this encourages you to answer as many questions as possible, testing your knowledge on multiple topics. If you come across a subject that you aren't familiar with, then just Skip Question and continue with your revision. < Back

Group Learning

This quiz format revision tool lets you compete against your peers whilst testing your knowledge. Each quiz offers questions randomly selected from your exam revision resource. At the end of each set of ten questions you will be able to see the scores for those who have entered and know how you finished on the leader board. You can join the quiz at any point and start answering questions when the next question begins. Use the chat function to comment on questions and give your feedback on the answers. < Back

Saved Tests

Create your own test and answer questions against the clock. Use the exam theme past papers to ensure you are fully prepared for the actual exam. < Back

Peer Comparison

Peer comparison enables you to plot your performance against the scores of your peers, including other candidates sitting the same exam. Compare your average score to that of the mean score to see if you are ahead of the curve. < Back

Tagged Questions

Tag questions so that you can revisit them. Questions show the exam, area of the curriculum and whether it was answered correctly. When you view the question again it shows the explanation. Tag those questions you found difficult to review them at a later time and fill in those gaps in your knowledge. < Back


Our revision resources fit in with your busy lifestyle. You can use our resources in short bursts or for sustained periods. So whether you need to fit in some questions before seeing your patients or you have revision time available, BMJ OnExamination is the perfect tool to help you focus your learning.

You can also access your revision resource on your smart phone or tablet. BMJ OnExamination's Exam Revision App allows you to continue your revision when your are on the ward, travelling or just away from your laptop or computer. Once you've download the App, sign into your account and revise offline using both 'Work Hard' and 'Work Smart'. Questions can be downloaded in batches of up to 100 and scores are synchronised back to your account when you are next online. Visit: onexamination.com/mobile.
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Revision Advice

Get hints and tips on the best approach for your exam. You will get advice on how to answer the different question types and how your revision resource can help to prepare you for your exam. < Back

Social Media Integration

Keep your friends up-to-date with your revision progress by posting your scores on social media sites. After you complete a Work Smart session click on either the Facebook or Twitter icons, where you can post your score to Facebook with your comments and tweet your score on Twitter. Other social media sites are available, just click on the plus icon.

In the Community section you are able to vote on news articles, which shows in your 'My Activity' feed and you can share the articles on social media sites. Keep your friends up-to-date with the latest news. < Back